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Image by Kayla Maurais


Akashic Records Reading

 Past life incarnations explored in-depth, love and family connections, your Starseed lineage, ancestral karma. Great for your first reading. Sessions conducted via Zoom


Akashic Session

Question and answer session with your guides and using your Akashic Records. You will make a list of any questions you have and receive channeled answers and guidance.  Great option for those who have had full readings and want to explore further. Conducted via Zoom


Akashic Answers- Recorded Reading

You send a list of all your personal questions, as well as a photo of your face via email. Ren will act as a medium between you and your guides as well as read your Akashic Records to give you answers and insight via audio recording. 


Oracle Card Readings

Insight and advice on past, present, and future using the most appropriate deck of cards. 





Reiki Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing

Body scan and aura check, and energy healing and balancing to help relieve pain and relax you. Distance only, done via Zoom.


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