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About  Ren

Psychic empath, Akashic Records Reader, Oracle card reader, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Coach

My Story

As a child I remember interacting with and playing with interdimensional entities and spirits all the time, I had past life memories and would astral travel through the cosmos. I thought it was so funny to be in this human body, and would look in the mirror and not recognize myself this way.  I have always been obsessed with ancient civilizations and their integrative way of life, the blending of the physical with the spiritual.  There was always unexplained phenomena around me and in my home, especially in my room. Electronics would turn themselves on without a power source, my bed would shake and pound the headboard against the wall as I lay in it, things would move without anyone touching it, lights would turn off and on, and it scared those who I was trying to befriend away. I learned that being different is something to try to hide and that I should suppress my gifts and abilities so that people might want to be my friend and I fell into the programming .  I became a hairstylist, and would use telepathy and my other abilities to know exactly what my clients wanted and how to help them in their personal lives as well.  However the environment was all ego driven and the competition was so out of my element, I felt lost.  In December 2020 I had surgery and there was a complication that caused me to have a near death experience.  What I experienced changed me forever, reminding me of who I really am. (See my full story on my YouTube channel or the Jeff Mara Podcast) I chose to come back from the other side and live in my true purpose, working with angels and spirit guides to serve humanity and to share my experience with the other side. My extrasensory perceptions were significantly upgraded and activated as I chose to step into my mission and I began to be able to see past lives and auras, and downloads of information of everyone around me.  I am here to remind others of who they really are (spiritual beings having a human experience), and to empower all to chose love to help raise consciousness to reach a state of integration. 

I offer Psychic Readings via email, because my chronic health conditions no longer allow me to do readings via zoom unfortunately. I have a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that causes me to experience severe fatigue and pain, so I have to honor my own needs and this is part of setting healthy boundaries. (something I have struggled with and can help you do as well) I have come to understand that I chose to experience this pre-birth to have this experience and many other "old" souls have also chosen this hard path. Souls learn much through trials and tribulations, and if you are suffering it does not mean that you deserve it because you were a terrible person in a past life. There are karmic "debts" that we choose to transmute in our own unique ways through reincarnation, but that is not always the case if you are struggling or hurting. Advanced souls do choose to experience suffering to teach those around us, to grow, to learn, to model unwavering faith....ect. When we are not incarnate, we do not experience emotions in the same way, or pain, or separation, confusion, and Earth is a master school for souls to experience a full range of challenges and emotions. We do not understand or appreciate the sun if we do not experience the storm 

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