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Planet and Moon

Ren -
Intuitive readings and Reiki

Ren is an intuitive psychic empath, Akashic Records Reader, and Reiki energy healer.  She receives clairvoyant and claircognizant information about your past lives, soul connections with family or partners, karmic patterns, and anything that is relevant and important for you to hear at this time. She can act as a medium between you and your higher self and spirit guides and receives answers to any of your questions. 

Readings can help you get the clarity you are searching for with any area of your life. Find out the origin of your fears so that you can heal and move past those blocks. Learn more about your personal abilities and soul purpose. There are metaphysical reasons behind every aspect of our lives that can be uncovered and explored. 

Distance Reiki treatments can balance your chakras, remove negative attachments, cut energetic cords, relax you and help relieve anxiety and pain and many other helpful effects. 

Areas covered include:

Love and Family Relationships




Past Lives 

Help bring clarity to your life now, and offer spiritual guidance



What is holding you back, and how to move back into your soul purpose

All sessions are done via email and pre-recorded | No in person or Zoom sessions

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