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Akashic Records Readings-What to Expect

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The Akashic Records also known as God's Book of Life is an energetic field that holds all the information of everything that has ever happened. Each of us have a book or file that can be pulled from this field and read by anyone who can raise their vibration enough and open themselves to the information with pure intentions. Planets and constellations have records as well! Every time we have a thought or make a decision , every emotion we have sends an energetic imprint into the records.

When you have an Akashic Records reading, the practitioner will say an opening pathway prayer and connect their heart chakra to yours. They will not be able to see all of your past lives, or everything that has happened to you. There are guides who help to select the appropriate information that is most relevant to you in this time. There can be an initial download of information that comes through right away from the records that will be explained to you, usually past lives that are significant. Then you will need to ask questions, so that the practitioner can hone in on the desired information.

Your questions or areas of interest can be about anything! Some common questions are

"Have I known this person in my life now in a past life?"

"What is holding me back from achieving my goals"

"Why do i have an intense fear of ____"

"What are my natural skills or gifts?"

"Why did I chose to have ____experience?"

"Have I ever lived on another planet"

"Why do I feel so lost, and how do I get back on track?"

Every question is valid, and there is never any judgement from the reader. The reader will not be in a trance state, and will be able to interact with you the whole time. You will get a more clear understanding of who you really are on a soul level and what lessons you are needing to learn and teach.

There is no time in the records, everything is happening at once. When we find out about why we feel certain ways and have these traumas, it has the ability to heal us now. Exploring past experiences and gaining clarity into what we have gone through can have profound healing and releasing affects. There will also be future options that can be explored, but do keep in mind that there is no way to tell you for sure what will happen because there are too many variables.

Many times physical symptoms may have a past life or metaphysical cause as well. So I encourage you to ask about any ailments or imbalances that you have to see if there is a cause that can be illuminated. When we are aware of the reason, the body can stop giving us the signal or pain that something needs to be processed. Of course this is not a substitute for medical care.

The reader will not be able to access other people's records that are not in your immediate family. They may be able to get impressions of that person's energy but will not be able to access their information without their permission. When looking into your family relationships, the reader will be able to access only the information that is connected you your records, nothing more.

So much healing and balance can come from exploring your records and patterns you have been living through. You will feel truly seen and known on an inexplicable level. This will be a unique experience that should be fun and enlightening.

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I listed to your NDE today with Jeff Mara. It was amazing! found this blog piece helpful in formulating questions. How long is your backlog for Akashic readings?

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